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We believe that talent and commitment – not the ability to pay tuition and fees – should open the doors to a college education. Private gifts in support of scholarships allow exceptionally able and worthy students to obtain a college education despite increasing cost. For many people, such gifts mean the opportunity to pursue their lifelong dreams through higher education.

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The Career Education Scholarship Fund

The Career Education Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit 501(c) (3)fund dedicated to providing both need-based and merit-based scholarships to qualified students who are attending one of its many participating institutions.


Testimonials and Success Stories


Justin Gomes | Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - Chicago, IL

I was very surprised when asked to come see Chef Bachmann in his office. The old high school fear of visiting the principal’s office never being a good experience rose up once more. Yes, you know what I mean; all of us had to experience it at least once. So I must admit I was somewhat surprised when he asked me to write a testimonial about my experience here at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago.

Since the age of twelve, I’ve always wanted to cook. Le Cordon Bleu was the only school I have ever wished to attend. So being here has made many dreams come true as well as creating new ones, it has helped me to grow not only as a cook, but as a person, a student and sometimes even a teacher. From doing many special events with Chefs Abels and Alvarez; to Chef Salzinski’s passion for offal and Chef Velasco’s pastry skills helping me cultivate a love for those very same things. Then meeting my first inspiration to cook, that being Curtis Stone, via Chef Kang’s usual “hey, so I have this event, you wanna help out?. As a student ambassador of the school I was then allowed to step into a role where I could assist those students who were new just like I had been, whether it be through tutoring or how they could further be involved with the school.

The awarding of two scholarships truly astonished me, having never been the greatest student in high school. The awarding of the scholarship for the highest achieving Le Cordon Bleu graduate via the Chaine des Rotisseurs in my first year was a definitive moment for my career, pushing me to work even harder. The second from the LCB Governing Board through the Career Education Scholarship Fund was even more surprising and welcomed as it would assist me in hopefully completing my Bachelor’s degree. Something I am extremely passionate about doing.

Had I not attended this school, I am unsure if l would be where I am now and for that I am supremely thankful for all the dedication, hard work and faith my instructors have shown in me. It has played a very distinct role in my life and one that could not and will never be forgotten.

As Hailey Turso and I would say: Live Bleu, Breathe Bleu, Be the Bleu ...


Bruce Taylor | International Academy of Design & Technology - Detroit, MI

I am writing this summary to express the importance of giving to the CESF scholarship. Because of the CESF scholarship, I am able to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Without the help of the CESF scholarship sponsors and faculty that have donated, I would not be able to finish up the few classes I have remaining, since I had exhausted my options. I already work a full-time job and have a full load of courses so the CESF assistance was vital to me finishing up my program. I am grateful for the people who have and will donate to this scholarship because you’re helping students like me by giving me a chance to pursue a dream I’ve worked so hard to obtain. This has been a long journey but I am glad to have the opportunity to live my dream and when I am able, I would love to give back to the CESF scholarship in the future since it helped me to complete my program.

Angelia Palmer | International Academy of Design & Technology

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” – Max de Pree

Throughout my professional training at the International Academy of Design and Technology, I have overcome many obstacles. I endured long nights of studying, completed a multitude of strenuous projects and assignments, and I am greatly appreciative for receiving the CESF scholarship. Acknowledgement and recognition are always nice things to have, but the most important aspect of my achievement is realizing that hard work pays off.

Thank you IADT for the support in pursuing my career and for making it possible for me to succeed.

Date testimonial received: 8/24/12

Teresita Muller Karger | International Academy of Design & Technology

As a recipient of the grant from the Career Education Scholarship Fund (CESF), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support. This grant will help me to achieve my dream to become a professional in the Interior Design field.

I really appreciate your understanding of the necessities of today’s undergraduate college student. Your support means a great deal to me and has made my family very proud. This recognition motivates me to engage in furthering my success as a student and as a person. It isn’t only about economics, it also represents a lot more. Receiving this scholarship encourages me to take risks, and to step out in the unknown. Additionally, it allows me to see exciting possibilities in my family’s future.

Date testimonial received: 8/24/12

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Success StoriesJill DeAtley

I feel very fortunate in my professional life to have the opportunity to help individuals improve their lives through higher education. I also believe in providing financial support to organizations that impact my life whenever possible.

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